Hunan Province

Changsha Emergency Contacts

Hunan Changsha Emergency Contacts

Changsha Emergency Contacts

These are the contact numbers of some important places or offices in the city of Changsha, Hunan Province- China. The list will be updated as time goes on.

Please note that there is no guaranteed that multilingual services are available. While some may be able to offer consulting services in English, others may not.

  • You may also read about the Changsha Call Center which serves multilingual information for foreign guests in Hunan Province.
Service Contact Number
Fire 119
Police 110
Medical First Aid (Ambulance) 120
Traffic Accident 122
Local Telephone Enquiry 114
Domestic Long Distance Inquiry 116
Post Code Inquiry 184
Emergency Mail 11185
East Bus Station 0731-84611731
Hunan Martyrs Park 0731-84518070
Changsha Huanghua International Airport 0731-84495000
South Bus Station 0731-85630505
Juzhou Park  (Orange Island) 0731-88882152
Ticket Office of Civil Aviation 0731-84119821
West Bus Station 0731-88816332
Yuelu Mountain 0731-88886890
Changsha Railway Station 0731-82296421
Hunan Provincial Museum 0731-84516634
Yuelu Academy 0731-88822316