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Changsha METRO Supermarket

Changsha METRO Supermarket

Changsha METRO Supermarket
Changsha METRO Supermarket main entrance

English name,METRO
Chinese name,麦德龙 – Màidélóng
Location,115 Lichen Lu-Kaifu District
Working hours,06:00-22:00
Contact number,0731-84558888

Have you ever wanted to buy something that was never found in your local shop? METRO might be your last stop. The supermarket sells imported products that are otherwise alien to other supermarkets in Changsha.

It has been a shopping destination for both local and foreign residents who have a strong taste for foreign goods. Changsha METRO is one of the many METRO supermarkets across China, a German retail and wholesale group.

NOTE: If you can’t find what you want at METRO, you can always buy almost everything you need on Taobao, China’s biggest online shopping center.

Changsha Metro is located at the northern part of the city ( and east of the Xiang Jiang River) along the 115 Lichen Road in the Kaifu District. The same district where Hunan TV is situated.

Address: 115 Lichen Road, Kaifu District

湖南省长沙市 (Húnán Shěng Chǎngshā Shì)
开福区丽臣路115号 ( kāi fú qū lì chén lù 115 hào)

Working hours: 06:00-22:00

Contact number: 0731-84558888

The following are some of the buses that go to METRO however, it’s advisable to go by taxi, especially if it’s your first time to the place. The best way is to show the driver the address below:
Bus number: 115/132/136/150/501/503/603/801/805/901

Hello, take me to METRO, 115 Lichen Road, Kaifu District

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