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Changsha Orange Island (Tangerine Island)

Orange Island- Changsha (Ju Zi Zhou Island).

Orange Island- Changsha
Orange Island- Changsha

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English Name,Orange Island /Tangerine Island
Chinese Name,橘子洲 (jú zi zhōu)
Location,Changsha Hunan Province – China
Bus Route,No.3 Sightseeing Bus
Total Area,916.400 square meters
Opening Time,7:00 – 22:00
Contact,0731-88882152 / 88614640
Ticket Price,Free of charge

Orange Island- Introduction

The Orange Island is one of the main key scenic spots in the city of Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, China. It is located at the west of the Yuelu Mountain and surrounded by the Xiangjiang River. It serves as a home for thousands of different species of citrus, flowers and trees.

Orange Island is a certified national AAAAA (5A) class tourist attraction and national key scenic spot. The place has been the major ground for various types of activities including music concerts.

Tips for tourists

the Orange Island- Changsha

The huge statue of Chairman Mao situated at the far southern end of the park is the target destination of most tourists. That’s also the symbolic part of the park where photos are taken.

For some people, in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park, they normally prefer to walk to the statue. This may take about 30 to 40 minutes.

There are tourists trains around you can take from one side to the other. The trains mostly run from one end through the park to the other end where the big statue of Chairman Mao is located. It costs about 30 RMB.

It is better to take water along with you as it is difficult to buy some there. Grocery shops are located at the centre and at the ends where trains are taken. The price of bottled water is about 10RMB at the park (the same brand costs about 4RMB in normal shops).

Tangerine Cultural Park

tangerine  Island- Changsha

There are over 3,800 orange and tangerine trees growing in the park with 44 species such as Southern tangerines, Mandarin oranges, Hongfeng tangerines and sour oranges. As the saying goes, “Do not forget of a year the loveliest scene, when oranges look like gold and tangerines jade-green”. In the harvest season, the golden tangerines on the trees are full of natural delights with bright colors and fresh fragrance.

The Chairman Mao Sculpture

Chairman Mao sculpture- Changsha Orange Island
The Chairman Mao sculpture is situated at the far south of the Orange Island

This is the most iconic spot of the island. It is the largest sculpture at the Orange Isle. It serves as the final destination for tourists to take their best shots. The Chairman Mao Sculpture was constructed in 2007 after approval by the CPC Central Committee. It presents the image of youthful Mao in the year 1925. The statue has a total of 32 meters, 83 meters long and 41 meters wide.

The statue of “Who rules over man’s destiny”

Who rules over man destiny
The statue of “Who rules over man’s destiny”

The statue of “Who rules over man’s destiny” embodies the essence of the celebrity culture of the Tangerine Island Scenic Area. Towering on the green ground along with fresh flowers and tangerine trees are the five life-like figures; Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen, He Shuheng, Xiang Jingyu and Siao San.

Pointing to Mountains and Rivers

Qingyuanchun Changsha Orange Island
Mao Zedong’s calligraphy of his poem “Qingyuanchun Changsha”

When Mao Zedong studied and worked in Changsha from 1913-1923, he often go to the Tangerine Island to ‘fight the wave’ and swim across Xiangjiang River with his close friends Cai hesen, Luo Xuecan and Zhang Kundi. “Pointing to mountains and rivers, setting people afire with words”, he sought for the truth to save the country and people. He also wrote the famous lyric poem ‘Qinyuanchun Changhsa’ in this period.

Beach Resort

The island is not only noted for its fresh oranges and beautiful scenery. The Orange Isle Beach Park (Juzhou Isle Beach Park) located at the far north has an artificial recreational beach and the Orange Island SPA Resort.

The Orange Island SPA Resort has beautiful outdoor pools that are lit at night. The outdoor pools are however closed during winter. They also have a massage centre, sauna, oxygen room, steam room, plunge pools, bars, buffet etc.

Orange Island fireworks

island fireworks changsha

Every Saturday, there is an exhibition of amazing fireworks at the Orange Island. The show starts around 7:40pm and ends at 8:00pm. During this time, thousands of people gather along the Xiangjiang River to watch and take photos of the fireworks.

The fireworks show used to run throughout the year, but since 2013, it has been restricted to half a year to reduce pollution. The show now begins from May to October.

Changsha Orange Island Photos

Below are some other photos, be sure to check out the gallery page for larger photos and more shots from the park.

Orange Island- Changsha

DSC03045 tangerine sland entrance