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Changsha Weather in February | Changsha Climate

Changsha Weather in February.

Changsha Weather in February
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Though January is the coldest month, the weather can also get very cold in February. Certain days in February can be colder than in January.

The average temperature in February is 6.5℃. The Average daily minimum temperature is 3℃ while the average daily maximum temperature is 10℃. The average amount of precipitation is around 89mm.

Of course these are just average values. Depending on the year, the temperature in February can drop below 0℃ though for certain days, it can rise as high as 27℃. This definitely justifies why Changsha weather is so strange and undependable.

You are more likely to enjoy a lot of sunshine in February compared to January. Though the level of temperature can steadily rise into twenties for certain days, don’t be too surprised to find yourself heavily embedded in a cotton coat.

It might shine brightly today, but may become cloudy and rain all day tomorrow. It is also good to know that it rains a lot during this month than in January. This may be accompanied by heavy wind breeze.

Visibility during February is very poor as it can get really foggy especially in the early mornings. Humidity also rises accordingly.

Changsha like most cities in southern China has no heating system. However, most super markets and public transports have air conditioning systems.

The average Air Quality Index (AQI) in February ranges from 140-250 which is classified as very unhealthy (or severely polluted). Pollution levels in both January and February are almost the same.

Spring festival celebration at the Orange Island - Changsha (2014)
Spring festival celebration at the Orange Island – Changsha (2014)

Does it snow in February?

It is less likely to snow in Changsha during February. If it does, it may be a just a sprinkle as no heavy snow can fall during this month. Generally, it seldom snows in Changsha and snow is not guaranteed every year.

What to wear in February.

What to wear during February depends on the weather conditions at the time. When the temperature rises to twenties (which is not uncommon), you may wear suits, windbreaker jackets, casual wear, jackets, thin sweaters and other warm clothing.

On the other hand, if the temperature drops too low, heavy jackets, winter sweaters, wool suits, cotton clothes and other warm clothing are recommended.

It is also advisable to take along an umbrella when going out because the weather is unpredictable in Changsha.