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Changsha Weather in April -Changsha Climate

Changsha Weather in April.

Orange Island in spring
Orange Island in spring

The spring season in Changsha is April. The average temperature during this month is 17℃. The average minimum and maximum temperatures are 14℃ and 21℃ respectively. The average amount of precipitation is about 197 mm.

In April, it rains a lot in Changsha. This is the time of the year that Changsha experiences a lot of rainfalls. It can rain continuously for a number of days. It is also windy at this time. The rain may fall amidst heavy wind breeze.

There may also be heavy fog in the early mornings. Both humidity and precipitation around this time is very high. It’s not really cold or hot in April but both can be experienced on certain days.

The temperature is fairly good, though the wind might carry some cold breeze especially during rainfall. On a normal midday, the temperature ranges from 15℃-28℃. Both sunny and cloudy days may be experienced. It may be mostly cloudy but there may also be sunshine continuously for a number of days as well.

It can get temporary hot during this month and you can comfortably wear T-shirts for outdoor activities. However, the weather can be colder than expected on certain days too.

During this time, the weather changes a lot. Though Changsha weather is generally changeable and undependable throughout the year, this is the time the phenomenon is mostly experienced. It could rain at any time, either cloudy or sunny without warning.

The average Air Quality Index (AQI) in April ranges from 110-200. This is classified as unhealthy (polluted). Normally when it rains, the sky is clearer and the air is fresher compared the previous days.

Changsha Weather in April
Changsha weather in April

What to wear in April

If you plan to visit Changsha in April, you can take along some few T-shirts, both Short & long sleeves and light Jackets. Or clothes suitable for the spring season are recommended.

Since it rains a lot in April, it is advisable to have an umbrella with you everywhere you go. No matter the weather, whether cloudy or sunny, it can rain at any time. Having a rain coat will also be helpful especially for outdoor activities.