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Changsha Weather in May -Changsha Climate

Changsha Weather in May

Changsha Weather in May
Changsha Spring

During May, Changsha can be considered out of the “cold zone” as the average temperature is about 22℃.  The average minimum temperature is 19℃ while the maximum temperature is 26℃.

With an average amount of precipitation of 208 mm, it can get really humid sometimes during the day. It can also get foggy in the early mornings.

One of the most significant experiences in May is rainfall. Just as in April, rainfall is very common in May. This can happen at any time of the day without warning, amidst gentle wind breeze. It may also rain continuously for a number of days.

Both cloudy and sunny days may be experienced during this month. The month of May marks the end of spring as the spring season in Changsha runs from March through May. It might also start getting hot at this time especially getting to the end of May.

The weather is very changeable at this point. A bright sunny day might sharply turn cloudy or rainy. The weather in Changsha is best known to be very changeable and undependable.

In May, the average Air Quality Index (AQI) ranges from 130-220. This is classified as unhealthy (polluted).

orang isle-rainy day
Orange Isle- May 2014

What to wear in May

With the average temperature ranging from 19℃-26℃ during the day, it is recommended to wear mainly thin clothes. T-shirts, casual wears, slippers, thin trousers, skirts etc. are some few recommended options.

Going out without an Umbrella is like calling for trouble. It may rain at any time of the day unannounced and it is better to take along an umbrella when going out for outdoor activities. You may also consider getting a rain coat.

It is also important to protect yourself well to prevent catching colds/flu during this time.