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Changsha Weather in January | Changsha Climate

Changsha Weather in January.

Yuelu Mountain in winter
Yuelu Mountain during winter, January 2011

Among the twelve months, January is the coldest month in Changsha. The average temperature in January is about 4.5(℃). The average daily minimum temperature is 2(℃) while the Average daily maximum temperature is 9(℃). In addition, the average amount of precipitation is 61mm. Though the temperature is rarely negative, it could get really cold because of high humidity. There is no heating system and air conditioners are heavily used.

It may rain during this month, both heavy and light downpour. Sometimes it’s just a drizzle. The frequency of the rainfall cannot be predicted, but it can rain continuously for days. Slow wind breeze could be experienced, especially during rainfalls.

One of the most significant things to experience during January is fog. Sometimes it can get really foggy, making visibility difficult. There may be sunshine for a couple of days. However, the weather is mostly clear or cloudy.

The average Air Quality Index (AQI) in January is 150-260 which is classified as unhealthy (or severely polluted).

Does it snow in January?

It doesn’t often snow in Changsha during winter. The temperature can drop as low as -4℃ (and even below) but there may be no snow. That doesn’t mean Changsha is a ‘no snow city’, but snow is not guaranteed every winter.

Normally, when the temperature is very low, there may be ice flakes formed to the surfaces of leaves or grasses. But the weather is normally characterized by light rains and wind breeze.

If there may be snow, it is likely to be in January. It could be once or just a couple of times and not heavy. Occasionally, there may be a bit heavy (at least by southern China standard) but it is mostly light snow.

winter in changsha

What to wear in January

There is no heating system in the homes, though super markets and public transport systems may have their own heating systems. It is advisable to bring any suitable winter gloves, scarves, socks and clothes made of cotton.

It rains a lot during January, so it’s better to take an umbrella with you. Changsha weather can be unpredictable as it can rain at anytime in this month.

Changsha Weather in January
Changsha- January 2011
Central South University- January 2011
Central South University- January 2011

snow in changsha