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Changsha Weather in March -Changsha Climate

Changsha Weather in March

Changsha Weather in March
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During March, the average temperature is about 11℃. The Average daily minimum temperature is 8℃ while the average daily maximum temperature is 15℃. The average amount of precipitation is around 142 mm.

Mostly the average temperature during the day is fairly high but the weather gets colder in the early mornings and at nights. The weather gets “warmer” compared to the previous months. It can also get really foggy in the morning, leading to poor visibility. Both cloudy and sunny days may be experienced.

March marks the beginning of spring in Changsha and the weather is very changeable during this time. Changsha city is characterized by undependable weather that keeps changing at any given time.

The beginning of frequent and intermittent unannounced rainfall starts in March. During this month, rainfall may not be very heavy but it is likely to fall more frequently as compared to February. Heavy wind breeze is very common especially during rainfalls.

While it could get really cold sometimes, it can also be very warm during this month. The temperature can rise up to about 28℃ on certain days. It can also drop sharply to about 5℃ or even below that.

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What to wear in March

Since the temperature is fairly good in March compared to February, it is recommended to have casual wears, jackets, rain coats, thin sweaters and other warm clothing. You might also want to have a few heavy clothes just in case the temperature falls too low.

Rainfall is very common during March and it is advisable to have an umbrella with you wherever you go. It might rain at any time of the day without warning.

What happens in March?

The month of March may also mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) mostly falls between January and February depending on the Chinese calendar. During this time, Chinese families get together to celebrate the New Year together.

Bus and train stations may be overcrowded as people who have gone home to visit their families during the Spring Festival return to their various destinations. However, the overcrowding may not be that worse compared to when they were initially going home for the festival.

In any case, if you plan to visit a place during this time, it is advisable to book tickets in advance.