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Foreign Students’ Hostel (Xingya Medical Campus)

Xingya Medical College- Foreign Students’ Hostel (Accommodation fees)

Xiangya Medical College Foreign Students’ Hostel
Xiangya Medical College foreign students hostel

Xiangya Medical College of Central South University offers good hostel facilities for international students. Depending on the level of the medical program, students would have to change campuses during the course of their studies. Example, undergraduate students studying in Chinese medium would have to stay at the school’s main campus for a period of two years and then move to the Xiangya Medical campus. However, the hostel conditions at both the main campus and the Xiangya Medical campus have the same standards.

Xiangya International Students’ Hostel

Accommodation Fees:  Single room, 22 ¥ /person/Day (6 000 ¥/room/year) – Paid in full yearly.

The international hostel at the Xiangya Medical campus is divided into two blocks; block 8 and 9. Both blocks are housed in the same building with a single entrance. Each block has seven floors with an elevator. Each floor has one kitchen, a refrigerator and two washing machines for the floor members.  Both scholarship and self-sponsored students are free to use these items together.

Students do not need to buy water but self-sponsored students will have to buy their own power. There is no fixed price for the power. Scholarship students can recharge their power every month for free as part of their scholarship package. If this is exhausted before the month ends, they have to bear the additional cost themselves.

Each floor contains 13 double rooms. Each double-room has a living room with a TV set and toilet but separate bedrooms (referred to as single rooms). Each single room has two chairs, bed, study desk, air conditioner and a wardrobe.  There is also a small balcony attached to the single room where students can hang their (washed) clothes. Some of the floors have multimedia classrooms.

There are receptionists (referred to as “Ayi”) at the entrance of the hostel who welcome and register visitors. Normally, visitors are required to register before they are allowed to into the hostel.

The hostel closes at 23:00.

Shenghua Campus

Accommodation Fees:  Single room, 30 ¥ /person/Day (8 000 ¥/room/year) – Paid in full yearly

Note: Xiangya Medical College has two hostel facilities. One at the college campus (Xiangya International Students’ Hostel) where majority of the students live and another at the Shenghua Campus. Depending on your specialty, you may stay at the Overseas Students’ apartment building of Shenghua Campus where some of the classes are offered.

Further reading

The main campus of Central South University is where majority of the students live, irrespective of their program. Depending on the major, some students would have to live at the main campus till graduation while others would have to spend one to two years before moving to other campuses for further studies.

Undergraduates who choose to study in Chinese medium would have to spend the first two years of their program at the main campus.  This is because they have to take one year compulsory Chinese language course which is offered at the main campus.

After one year Chinese language course and passing the HSK, students then begin their five-year undergraduate medical course in Chinese.  The first year of the course (basic sciences) is taught at the main campus. Click here to read more about campus life.

Photos- Xiangya International Students’ Hostel

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