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Hunan Changsha Metro System | Changsha Subway

Changsha metro System

Changsha metro System
Changsha metro System

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English Name,Changsha Metro
Chinese Name,长沙地铁 (Chángshā dìtiě)
Operating Hours,6:30am to 22:30pm
Ticket Price,Less than 5yuan
First Opened,April 29 2014
Planned Total Line length,474.52 km
Current Operating mileage,22.262 km

Changsha Subway Details

Changsha Metro was first opened in April 29, 2014 making the Changsha city, the capital of Hunan province the 19th city in mainland China with a metro system.

According to the 2030 long-term plan, a total of 12 main lines of urban rail transit networks are set to be constructed, covering about 456 km. It will have a total of 333 stations.

By 2020, the Changsha Metro system will have six lines covering 230 km. The first two lines are set to be completed by 2015. Line 2 was opened on April 29, 2014.

Each train has 232 passenger seats and can run at an average speed of 36 km. It takes about 2-3 minutes from one station to the other. Each train is well-equipped with WiFi signal stability.

Changsha Metro
Changsha Metro

Ticket Pricing for Changsha Metro (Line 1 & 2 fare)

*Pricing starts at 2 yuan for the first 6 km. For distances over 6 kilometers, a mileage cost of 1 yuan is added to the starting price.

*Distances between 6-16 kilometers, additional cost of 1 yuan is added per 5 kilometers

*Distances between 16-30 kilometers, additional cost of 1 yuan is increased per 7 kilometers

* Distances over 30 kilometers, additional cost of 1 yuan is added per 9 kilometers.

Metro card

Changsha Metro cards are available at the customer service centers at the various stations for a price of 100 yuan. This includes 17 yuan deposit and 83 yuan for riding. The metro card types include single ticket, pre-paid metro card, student metro card, and senior citizen metro card.

Changsha Subway
Changsha Subway

Changsha Metro Map and stations

Line 1:

Runs from the North Bus Station (qìchē běi zhàn) to Shang Shuangtang station (Shàng shuāng táng zhàn). That is from north to south. Line 1 has a total length of 23.569 km with 20 stations, of which 1 is elevated and 19 are underground.

Line 2:

Covering a total length of 22.262 km, line 2 has 19 stations. It starts from Wangchengpo Station (Wàngchéng pō zhàn) to  Guangda Station (Guāng dá zhàn). This is the same route from the West Bus Station (qìchē xī zhàn) to Changsha South Railway Station (Chángshā huǒchē nán zhàn). It opened on April 29, 2014.

Line 3:

Line 3 is expected to be opened in 2017. The first phase will have 25 stations with a total length of 36.477 km. Line 3 runs from Lian Ping Avenue Station (Lián píng dàdào zhàn) to Long Jiao Road (Lóng jiǎo lù zhàn). The project will be extended later.

Line 4:

The first phase of Changsha Metro Line 4 is set to have a total of 33.5 km with 24 stations. The planning and construction period is from 2013 to 2017. Line 4 starts from Puri Avenue Station (Pǔ ruì dàdào zhàn) to Guihua Avenue Station (Guìhuā dàdào zhàn).

Line 5:

Line 5 runs from north-south direction starting from Pang Long Road (pán lóng lù zhàn) to Yang Guang Avenue station (yángguāng dàdào zhàn). The total length is 22.7 km with 18 stations. Construction will begin in 2014.

Line 6:

Changsha Metro Line 6 runs from Mei Xi Hu Area (Méi xī hú piànqū) to Huanghua International Airport (Huánghuā guójì jīchǎng).

Wu Yi Square Station -changsha metro
Wu Yi Square Station

IMG_5368 Changsha-Metro

changsha subway map