How to manually verify PayPal with Chinese Bank account

Manually verify PayPal with Chinese Bank.

verify PayPal with Chinese Bank

Sometimes, verifying your PayPal account through your local bank in China can be very frustrating. The problem starts when the two small deposits sent to your bank for verification fails to reflect in your bank account.

Sometimes you may go to the bank and tell them about your problem, they might even ask you; “what is PayPal.” They still don’t know it, even in Chinese. In China, Alipay and other online payment systems are widely used compared to their foreign competitors.

This article teaches how to manually verify your PayPal account without using the small deposits.

Chinese Banks that accept PayPal- Currently, only three banks in China support PayPal. These are; China Merchants Bank (CMB), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and China Construction Bank (CCB).

Manually verify your PayPal account in China


paypal bank verify

Below is the official guidelines documented by PayPal for manual verification. In short, you need to email them official documents such as ID card, Passport, bank statement and any document that displays your address. Read the details below.

You’ll need to upgrade to a Premier or Business account before you verify your PayPal account.

Here’s how to upgrade your account and manually verify your PayPal account:

  1. Log in to your account.
    2. Click “Upgrade” under your name and then click “Upgrade Now.”
    3. Select “Premier account” or “Business account” and click “Continue”.

To get your Premier or Business account verified through manual verification, please send us a copy of these documents in GIF or JPG format:

  • A copy of your photo identification (Identification Card, Driver License, Passport or Tax Card).
    • A copy of your utility bill (e.g gas, electricity, water or landline telephone bill) or any other official document in your name which displays an address that matches the address on your PayPal account, as proof of address (dated within the last 6 months)
  • A copy of your credit card statement or bank statement (dated within the last 6 months).
  • A copy of your Business License if you have a Business account.

Please make sure the proof of address document you submit displays an address that matches the address on your PayPal account.

If the addresses don’t match, here’s how to change the address on your PayPal account:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Click Profile near the top of the page.
    3. Click “Street Address” under Account Information.
    4. Click add.
    5. Type the new street address in the address boxes provided.
    6. Click Save.

Email your documents to [the email below]. Please use the email address registered on your PayPal account. After we review the documents, we’ll contact you within 1-2 business days.

paypal address


– All required bank account and credit card financial information must be added and active in your PayPal account before manual verification can be performed.
– All documents should display a name that matches the name registered on your PayPal account
– Acceptable forms of proof of address are bank statements, credit card statements and utility bills (no older than 6 months)


If you are still not clear about something, you can sign into your account and contact PayPal directly. That will also be helpful especially if the verification email address has been changed over time.