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PHOTOS: Changsha Metro Line 2

Changsha Metro Line 2.

Changsha Metro Line 2
Changsha Metro Line 2
  • Note: This article is about Changsha subway line two, if you’re looking for information about Changsha Metro in general, click here for more details.

The Changsha Metro line 2 was opened on April 29, 2014 making it the first line to be opened out of a total of 6 lines. It covers a total length of 22.262 km with 19 stations. Line one is still under construction and it is set to be completed by 2015.

Pricing starts from 2 yuan for the first 6 km. The subway may be pretty busy during weekends.
It starts from Wangchengpo Station (Wàngchéng pō zhàn) to Guangda Station (Guāng dá zhàn). This is the same route from the West Bus Station (qìchē xī zhàn) to Changsha South Railway Station (Chángshā huǒchē nán zhàn).

Line two passes through the Orange Island. It is more convenient to take the subway to the island as taxis are not allowed to go there sometimes.

Changsha subway
Changsha subway line two

Line 2 Stations

Wangchengpo (望城坡)
Jinxing Road (金星路)
Xihu Park (西湖公园)
Yingwanzhen (溁湾镇)
Juzizhou (橘子洲)
Xiangjiang Middle Road (湘江中路)
Wuyi Square (五一广场)
Furong Square (芙蓉广场)
Yingbin Road (迎宾路)
Yuanjialing (袁家岭)
Changsha Railway Station (长沙火车站)
Jintai Square (锦泰广场)
Wanjiali Square (万家丽广场)
Renmin East Road (人民东路)
Changsha Avenue (长沙大道)
Shawan Park (沙湾公园)
Duhua Road (杜花路)
Changsha South Railway Station (长沙南站)
Guangda (光达)

Photos- Changsha metro System Line 2


Changsha Metro
Changsha Metro

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Changsha Subway
Changsha Subway

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Changsha metro System
Changsha metro System

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