How to Top Up or Recharge your phone on Taobao

How to top up or recharge your phone on Taobao.

recharge your phone on taobao
The Top-Up button is located on the right side bar

One of the easiest transactions you can do on Taobao is recharging phone credits. The process is really simple and it takes just some few minutes. Let’s go through the process step by step.

  1. Sign In to Taobao

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have already signed in to your Taobao account. You can do this by locating the sign-in button at the far left-corner of the homepage or at the right side of the slider (on the right side bar).

Convenience Services
Convenience Services
  1. Locate the recharge Button on the homepage

Click on the Recharge button. The button is located on the right side bar, just below the sign-in button. See the image above for the exact location.

NOTE: The recharge button is listed together with other services under the “Convenience Services.” Items listed under the Convenience Services include; Phone Recharge(话费), Game credits(游戏), Travel(旅游), Insurance(保险), Lottery Tickets(彩票), Movie Tickets(电影票), Restaurant Services(点外卖), financial transactions(理财), Ebook(电子书), Music (音乐), Water-electricity bills(电水煤), Train Tickets (火车票).

  1. Call Recharge page

Clicking on the Top Up button lands you on a new page. Enter the phone number and click on the Recharge button (立即充值). You will be redirected to the payment page. For instructions on how to make payments on Taobao using the various banks, see the link below.

recharge your phone on Taobao