Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles (Re Gan Mian)

Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles (热干面-re gan mian)

Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles (Re Gan Mian)
Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles (Re Gan Mian)



English Name,Hot dry noodles

Chinese Name,热干面 (Rè gān miàn)

Place of Popularity,Wuhan


If there is a particular dish that the people of Wuhan wouldn’t play with, then it is definitely the “Hot dry noodles” (Re gan mian). It is a brand on its own and it is not only considered a snack but a type of “feeling.”

Hot dry noodles is a specialty in Hubei Province and very famous in Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei. It is normally taken as breakfast. As many people from Hubei move to settle in other provinces, it has also received a lot of attention in many other places, making it famous across China.

The noodles are slender, yellow in color and oily with delicious taste. Mixed with sesame, sesame oil, spiced pickles and other ingredients, Wuhan dry noodles is renowned not only in China but other parts of the world.

Wuhan Dry Noodles, together with Beijing’s “explode jam noodles” (炸酱面- Zhá jiàng miàn), Henan braised noodles, Shanxi sliced noodles and Sichuan Dan Dan noodles are considered the China’s Top Five famous noodles.

In addition, it has also been ranked among the “China’s Top 10 Most Famous Noodles” by the Ministry of Commerce and China Hotel Association.

Hot dry noodles (热干面)
Hot dry noodles (热干面)

Any time you’re going to Wuhan, Chinese people will tell you: “Remember to eat the Hot-dry noodles, the specialty in Wuhan.” Or maybe if you just came back from Wuhan, they may ask you: “Did you taste the Hot-dry noodles, did you like?”

It is normally served with chili sauce together with chopped radish, beans, chives or other leafy vegetables. It may or may not be spicy according to the buyer’s preference.

Preparing Wuhan Hot dry noodles

Ingredients needed: noodles, sesame paste, crushed pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce chopped chives/onion and salt.

  1. The chili sauce is prepared using crushed pepper or chili power fried in sesame oil
  2. Prepare the sesame paste by mixing it with warm water
  3. The noodles are cooked (lowered in boiled water) for about ten minutes.
  4. The noodles are then drained, mixed with soy sauce and allowed to cool down (dry) for some time.
  5. Sesame paste and salt are added
  6. It is then mixed with the prepared the chili sauce
  7. Chopped beans, chives or other leafy vegetables can be added to it, as well as a little vinegar.