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Xiangya Medical College- Tuition and accommodation Fee Structure

Tuition and accommodation Fee Structure- Xiangya School of Medicine

Tuition and accommodation Fee

Table of Contents
1. Overview-Xiangya Medical College
2. About Xiangya School of Medicine
3. Admission to Xiangya- How to apply
4. Programs for Overseas students
5. Tuition and accommodation Fee Structure
6. Hostel Facilities
7. Campus Life
8. Internship at Xiangya Medical College

The fee and accommodation structure at the university depends on the type of course, books and teaching materials needed. In addition to the school fees, students are required to pay an annual of 600 Yuan which is a requirement by Chinese government for all tertiary institutions. Note that the application fee is 500Yuan for all specialties.

Tuition fee

Medicine (Chinese medium) – For foreign students who prefer to offer medicine in Chinese, the tuition fee every year is 22,000Yuan for Undergraduate, 26,000Yuan for Master degree and 30,000Yuan for PhD.

Medicine (English medium) – The annual tuition fee for Clinical medicine is 35,000 Yuan for Master degree and 40,000 Yuan for PhD students. (Note- Currently, the university has stopped admitting Clinical Medicine for undergraduates in the English medium). The tuition fees for undergraduate Clinical Medicine used to be 30,000 Yuan per year.

Nursing:  Annual tuition fee is 26,000Yuan (Undergraduate) and 30,000Yuan (Master). The above are the courses offered by most foreign students. In addition to the tuition fees for the individual courses listed above, students would also have to pay an annual fee of 400—800Yuan for books and other teaching materials.

If you intend to apply for a different specialty that has not been listed here, please contact the foreign office of the university directly.

Accommodation fee

The annual accommodation fee is 6,000-7,000 Yuan.

At the Xiangya Medical campus, the hostel has “twin rooms” (double rooms). This means a single room has two different bedrooms but shares the same living and bathroom together. Each single room has a telephone and an air conditioner while the living has a television set.

Each floor has one public kitchen with a refrigerator and two washing machines.  Click here to read more about the hostel facilities.

Fee Structure For Self-financed International Students

Below is the official data for the fee structure from the school’s official website (


Program, Tuition fee
(Chinese medium), Fee
Undergraduate/Year, 22 000 Yuan
Master/Year, 26 000 Yuan
Doctor/Year, 30 000 Yuan
(English medium), Fee
Undergraduate/Year (currently no admission ), 30 000 Yuan
Master/Year, 35 000 Yuan
Doctor/Year, 40 000 Yuan
Nursing, Fee
Nursing- Undergraduate/Year, 26 000Yuan
Nursing- Master/Year, 30 000Yuan